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global online populationThe “largest ever global research project” that delves into how people across the globe use the internet and changes in behavior has been published. The study was carried out by TNS with the findings made available (via some great infographics) at

In a press release about the study TNS Chief Development Officer Matthew Froggatt said “The Internet is a huge part of life in the 21st century but how it affects our lives varies depending upon where in the world you live.  We’ve seen that in mature markets where people have been online for years and where access is ubiquitous, the Internet has already become a commoditised item that consumers take for granted. However, in rapid growth markets that have seen recent, sustained investment in infrastructure, users are embracing these new channels in much more active ways.  The digital world is transforming how they live, develop and interact and online consumers in these markets are leaving those in the developed world behind in terms of being active online and engaging in new forms of communications.”

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According to the study; globally, people who have on-line access have digital sources as their number one media channel.  61% of online users use the internet daily against 54% for TV, 36% for Radio and 32% for Newspapers.

‘News’ is listed as the second most frequent online daily activity (55%) just behind email at 72%. When it comes to the number of hours spent on ‘News’ the result was mid table at 2.7 hours indicating that news consumption is accessed by many to browse in short bursts of time. This highlights the importance of news content standing out and being optimized for online viewing.

Take a look at the results here

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