Inserting banner ads to your digital magazine

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banners ads in digital magazinesThis is a question that has been asked by several customers so thought I would write a short post giving 3D Issue creators an explanation and guidance on what size their advertising banner should be (if this feature is enabled by the creator)

The advertising banners run across the top of the interface when the 3D Issue is online.

This area at the top of the interface is 60 pixels in height.
The width is defined by the end readers’ browser width

So for example if an end reader’s browser was 1024×768 pixels then the available banner area would be 1024X60 pixels. If an end reader’s browser was 1280×800 pixels then the banner area available would be 1280×60 pixels.

So what size should you design your banners?
The height should be 60 pixels as this is consistent regardless of the end reader’s browser size. The width however requires a little thought at design stage.

Taking a look at information we can see statistics of internet user browsers. These stats show that just over 85% have browser widths of between 1280 pixels and 1920 pixels. With this in mind, for your banners to fit most browsers we advise you design your banners at 2500 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height.

The content for these banners should be justified to the left side, with the
background of the banner continuing for the full 2500 pixels. This way those that have high resolutions will see a continuation of the banner background, and those with lower resolutions will only have the continuing background cut off – not the content.

Here are some examples.

1. Banner created 1024×60 pixels
banner created

 1.1 Viewed on a resolution of 1280×1024 (Does not fit well)

example banner ad in magazine


2. Banner created 2500×60 pixels


2.1 Viewed on a resolution of 1280×1024

magazine banner ad

 So our advice is design your banners for a large width, but keep any text or content you want visible to everyone to the left.



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