Are consumer habits changing in the eBook market?

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In our blog today, we will take a look at consumer habits in the e-Book market. Simba Information, a market research firm specializing in publishing and media, has released the fifth edition of its Trade E-Book Publishing report series.  According to this report ‘The number of e-book users climbed in 2012 to pass 50 million adults but consumers habits have been changing’.

This report provides some interesting information on readers’ habits including how they use e-books, what devices are used, what extent they buy and how much money they spend.

The research firm reveals the following findings:

•  The gap between e-Book ‘users’ and e-Book ‘buyers’ grew even wider in 2012

•  The average amount of money spent by a given e-book buyer didn’t rise [between 2011 and 2012]

•  There was an increase in the percentage of adults who purchased a paperback title

•  The Children’s and Young Adults market continues to be rooted in print but both formats have shown strength in 2012

•  About 25% of adults are buying at least one Children’s/Young Adults print and about 5% buying at least one Children’s/Young Adults e-book

•  About 63% of smartphone owners, 48% of iPad owners and 40% of non-iPad tablet owners do not use e-books.

The e-Book market has developed to become one of the most popular platforms in recent years; however, the changing consumers’ habits have created a more complex market and getting consumers to value and engage with content, has become more challenging. In the words of Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information’s Consumer Media & Technology division “any publisher who still believes that making their content available or accessible electronically is enough is kidding itself’.

This report also includes a two-year analysis of how much money e-book users spent on digital titles, a multi-year analysis of e-book pricing trends and what proportion of e-book users acquire digital books for free, and a full psychographic and demographic overviews. For more information on this report, visit

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