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back up online publications3D Issue provides you with the great opportunity to enhance your digital publications through a range of features; one of them is the possibility to archive previous editions.

Archiving can bring important benefits to your end readers such as:

–       Explore contents from previous editions

–       Getting more information on topics of interest

–       Linking to back editions and archives for research purposes

Moreover, your company gets the benefit of using contents of previous editions instead of being lost never to be viewed again. Previous editions can also be the source of inspiration to produce new content or provide readers with detailed background information on a particular topic of interest and important developments through time.

3D Issue software (Pro and Enterprise versions) enables your readers to browse through a graphical library of previous or related digital editions. Thus, this tool allows your readers on any publications to click on the archive button on the left hand side of their interface to be presented with a view library of the front covers of previous editions. For a step by step guide to add a digital archive, check out our video tutorial section, under the ‘spotlight features’ option and view a straight forward procedure to do this, from scratch.

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