Apple to become an e-book Publisher?

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e-book publishingRecent reports suggest that Apple now intends to become a full all out digital publisher which would bring a new revenue model into the Apple line-up which would (it appears) overstep the previous deal made with the big publishers for the iBook store, so Apple would become part owner rather than merely distributing books as they have done so far.

Comments that the idea here is doing for books what Apple have already done for music may be unwarranted, Apple didn’t actually release any of the music it only sold it via iTunes, this new model seems to go further. Cries from around the web are that Apple is going too far and analysts such as James McQuivey of the Forrester Research group have expressed that Apple will not want any digital content consumed without them taking a part in some piece of the revenue. Apple may therefore create some new opportunities for authors who would otherwise not get the opportunity to distribute their work via a marketplace as huge as iTunes.

What must also be noted is that if Apple were to start carrying out full publishing that it ties the author into pretty strict terms Apple take 30% of the revenue generated from each sale and ensure that all content purchased via Apps is priced at the same rate as sold in the App store as reported by the BBC. For the hopeful authors who wouldn’t otherwise get a publishing deal this would be quite a hit but then again where else would they get access to a market this big?

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Bloggers are writing somewhat saying that this really is too much from Apple and that it could potentially turn people away from their hardware, others are writhing that the 30% charge is just too much and would erode any value they might take from the service this all could really be an early gripe once the model become accepted the end user won’t notice any difference and rather than selling books Apple will be the publisher. Apple might need to be careful that they do not abuse the strong position they find themselves in as the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) is already watching as reported here.
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