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App style iconToday we thought we’d share a tip with you so you can allow your readers to have an App style link on their iPad which then opens up your 3D Issue in safari.

To do this you will need to follow these steps:

1. Create your App style icon.
There are lots of services online that help you with the creation of these icons, we’ve checked out . Once you have your icon created save this and upload to an area on your web server. Keep a note of this location, you’ll need to refer to this path later.

2. Add the reference code
When you’ve created your 3D Issue and the iPad version open up the output project folder. Navigate to Files > ipad > html then add the following line of code

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”PATH_TO_ICON”/>

in the <head> section of these three php files:


3. Upload your project folder to your website
With these files now edited and linked to your new icon you can upload the project folder to your website.

That’s it!

Your readers can now add an App style icon to their iPad home screen. This is what they would do:

1. Open your digital magazine in safari on their iPad, then select the ‘add’ icon from the top. From the menu click on ‘Add to Home Screen’

how to add App icon to iPad home screen

2. They are then presented with your newly created personalized icon, and they can choose to give this icon a different name. They can then click ‘Add’.

personalized icon

3. Your customized icon is now on their home screen on their iPad for quick access to your publication.

customized icon

Check this out for yourself by going to our ‘MyHome’ sample on our samples page from your iPad and adding our customized icon to your iPad.

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