AOL to release iPad magazine

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AOL to release iPad magazineAOL is preparing to release its very own iPad magazine called “Editions.” The digital publication is being advertised with the slogan ‘the magazine that reads you.’ Details of its launch and content are being kept under wraps for now but one can only assume that it will be an app similar to Filpboard.

“Editions” have released a humorous preview video about the magazine on YouTube.  In it Ethan Nagel, the technical director and his team refer to it as ‘the perfect daily reader.’ The magazine gets you to order your interests in various topics within the publication. The magazine then runs off to search and gather articles from the web for you.  It’s like a personalised daily magazine. It all looks very inviting and aspires to be a well presented digital publication.

The seven and a half minute video is a ‘Spitting Image’ style sketch that tells the story of Nagel’s journey in creating the tag line for the iPad publication. It’s a comical, light hearted recording and worth a watch. I look forward to having a peek when it’s released and hope it lives up to its expectations!

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