Android v iOS for HTML5 Apps

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After yesterdays announcement that Adobe are to abandon their android html5 appsFlash development for Mobile comparisons now are now being made at which Mobile OS is best for HTML5 developers, HTML5 will run on all devices but some it seems are currently better than others.

The terminology is techy and perhaps tedious but as reported by ReadWriteWeb today the winner out on top at present is surprise surprise Apple’s iOS ticking all the boxes for the key factors you’ll certainly be (or not) looking for..!

Take for example CSS3 and Canvas (which Android cannot really do that well or so our developers tell us) other lingo for this micro audience yet important debate include WebGL and HTML5 form fields. Check out the full article for more here.

All in all this is a good report which it seems will leave Apple a step ahead from the rest for a little while but we’re pretty sure that the guys at Google will be working hard on the Android OS to catch up, that’s why RWW say today, as HTML5 is going to change the App scene in a big way –  this is a battle for being the third ‘OS’ after Android and iOS – providing an App experience via the web – slick!


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