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eBookAmazon have been a partner of sorts with Apple now for a long time the Wall Street Journal describing them as ‘Frenemies’ Friendly enemies, Amazon of course selling via its Kindle App and also selling via its regular Amazon Window App on iPad and the regular App for the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod touch.

Now however as the channel for digital content delivery becomes more obviously geared towards the tablet Amazon want a bigger slice of the market – the Kindle is good but it is no tablet.

This is all set to change if reports from the Wall Street Journal are true with Amazon set to release a tablet of its own and a new eBook reader.

The tablet will run Google’s Android Operating System and have a touch screen according to Tech Crunch; this could spell trouble for Apple as Amazon is the one retailer in the on-line space who probably has the same level of trust as each other. Amazon have a sophisticated ecommerce set up and millions of credit card numbers on file and ready to go it is no surprise that they want to sell more than just books via the mobile devices.

Amazon also recently launched their streaming service for video Amazon Prime which Apple cannot compete with at this time as their service still require a full download even for rentals.

This blog feels like it is time that a competitor brought a tablet to market which can threaten the iPad, up to end of Q1 2011 there were 19 Million iPads out there so its a steep climb, but if history is to teach us anything it is that the first to market is not necessarily always the winner, remember the first iPod only launched in 2001 years after many other MP3 players – it was all to do with content that swung it and it seems the Amazon can now finally give iPad a run for its money as to date the Android tablets out there are leaving a little to be desired.

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