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magazine printerToday Amazon really got into the mix on the back of predictions from sites like TechCrunch yesterday today Kindle CEO Joe Bezos announced the full color Kindle Fire.

The Spec sheet whilst slightly outdated (8GB?) is all part of the plan to bring tablets to the masses.

7” Gorilla Glass Screen (from the makers of iPad and iPhone screens)

8GB of storage (SD expandable?)

Android operating system

Full integration with the Amazon ecosystem – Games, Music, Movies, Books.

No 3G

No Camera

The last two are obviously non-features but are also the real points worth noting as the Amazon CEO put it what Amazon are doing is releasing Premium products but not at premium prices.

Amazon will certainly reap the rewards these new products will bring the tablet to a much wider audience.

Kindle Fire will retail at $199, that’s way way less than even the cheapest iPad at $499, which shows just how Amazon are going to do this and they are doing it the very same way Apple did except without the exaggerated price tag.

Apple have released Tech in the past and done so with less features (iPhone 1 with no 3G and poor camera etc.) Here Amazon are doing the same but pricing fairly a model which can only help Amazon in this space.

The original Kindle is to drop to $79 with new Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G announced also at $99 and $149.

This blog cannot wait to see how this will work out. See other posts here for more info and here for the Amazon Home Page for the Letter to the people as we are calling it, which has a definite mission statement feel to it!

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