Amazon to launch color tablet

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publishingRecent reports have identified that Amazon are to introduce a touch screen tablet with orders already placed at manufacturers as reported by Apple Insider earlier this week, which will be interesting to watch, why?

Well previous opponents of the iPad as an e-book reader cited the use of its glossy high resolution screen as a drawback, yet now we see Amazon moving to color and earlier this month we reported the release of the Barnes and Noble Nook complete with a color screen too.

It seems that the readers out there are ready for full on color screens then!, e-ink the people behind the technology ( no pun intended ) for the Kindle are allegedly sticking to a tight 2 year product life cycle so these releases will be few and far between, it will be ironic for Apple should the display be reminiscent of the iPads, which has proven not to annoy reader’s eyes as much as first expressed when reading for long periods, it is probable that the light dimming option for iBooks included in iOS update 4.2(-ish) was exactly as a response to this early problem which it seems is slowly slipping away.

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