Amazon Creating New Ways of Audience Engagement through Content Curation

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curated contentCurated content is fast becoming a great way to engage with your audience and allow them to customize your content around their needs.  A great example of this is the recent news from Amazon about their new  platform that allows fans of fiction publications to curate characters and structures from existing publications and use them to create spin off publication from  which the fans can make money.

Tentatively named as “Amazon Worlds”, Amazon is cleverly creating a new market.  They are tapping into an existing primed audience. We are all aware of the droves of fanatical fans that develop from series such as the Harry Potter Books, Twilight, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl.

While I am not really a reader of fiction, One of my favorite films of all time is “The Usual Suspects”.  I had always hoped that they would create  a sequel but it wasn’t to be. The writer and director felt that they had closed the book and didn’t feel that there was another movie there. This is often the case with authors who feel that they want to try new things and move on.   Often, the fans would disagree.  Would I buy into reading more spin off stories on “Kaiser Sosa” curated by like-minded fans, definitely.

It’s a fantastic idea and has the potential to create an entirely new publishing industry.  Everyone wins from this.  Amazon offer a revenue model that allows unknown writers to get published.   This is a great ‘lean startup’ method for aspiring fiction writers.  What better way to see if you can write stories that resonate with an audience than by building from an existing  popular framework created by an established author.


The author benefits not only from receiving royalty revenues from the sale of eBooks based on their copyrighted  works but they also are enabling  the nurturing of the fan bases of their original works.  This can only help to improve the marketability of their brand which will of course lead to continued increased in revenue for that author.

Amazon of course will benefit the most, but not just with revenues from additional sales. They are creating new ways to service an untapped audience in publishing eco-system, fanatical fans.  These fans have always been limited to what additional content they could consume as they depended on a single source to service their needs, the author who owns the copyright to that work. Now thousands of publications could potential be created around the brand that they are obsessed with.  Amazon are creating a new eco-system where they fan bases can interact and find fresh content. No doubt the Amazons in-stock merchandise of that brand will be well marketed within that environment.

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By Paul Mc Nulty


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