Amazon Cloud HTML5 based App Store workaround

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epublication digital publishingAmazon today announced in a Press Release that they are to release a new fully HTML5 based version of the Kindle App for Mac and PC the iPad and for Google Chrome specifically.

The release of this App is the first sign of big players avoiding the App store as a result of the stringent and some would say harsh restrictions which have been placed on providers who wanted to sell via their Apps, Apple require a 30% share as we blogged about here of each sale and this is the one way that providers can circumvent the policy.

Apple initially wanted too much as they called for the removal of all external purchase options (Buy now buttons) in February but eventually changed the policy to allow for purchases via browser but not via the App store which at one point would have had to be of the same value or less in the App store.

Amazon have pushed the boundaries on Apple here as now readers can work from the HTML5 web based solution rather than using an App on the device, the HTML5 response is one sure way to beat the App purchase charge though Apple will still share in a stake of the revenue from sales.

This is in pursuit of the ‘buy once read anywhere’ solution that Amazon want for their customers, they point to the simplicity of HTML5 and how adaptable it is for using across devices.



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