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contnet curationOne of the biggest trends in publishing over the last year has been the rise of content  aggregators such as FlipBoard, Zite, etc.. While these devices are all aim at the business to consumer market, publishers are looking for ways in which they can plug into this trend. To date the main option has been to harness these new apps and publish your content within their eco-system.  Readers like responsive magazines because it shapes the content around their device of choice.  One of the issues that publishers face is current blogging tools are not optimized for consuming on tablet and mobile devices. Readers have to pinch and pan to read a sentence.  It makes this platform very inefficient for content marketing.  Luckily we have a solution.  What if you want to create these responsive magazines but retain the traffic on your own site?

Well let me show you 3 easy steps to achieving this?

1.     Sign up to 3D Issue Hubs

3D Issue Hubs is a new service from 3D Issue.  Unlike, 3D Issue which converts PDFs into digital magazines, Hubs converts your web content such as RSS feeds, Blogs, web pages etc..  What’s great about 3D Issue Hubs is that it is responsive which means that it will automatically adjust to suit the resolution of the device that the user chooses to consume the content on.  No more zoom.  It’s one magazine to suit every device.

2.     Enter in the location of your content

Once you have signed up and activated your account, click on the “new publication option”. Enter in the location of your content.  For the quickest results enter in the location of your RSS. All sites that have a blog will have an RSS feed.  If you are unsure of your RSS feed location you can enter in the name of your site and Hubs will try and find it for you.  Alternatively you can enter the location of your webpages. If you are manually add in your web page urls.

Once you have entered in all feeds, blogs, and urls.  Click create and publish and your magazine will be created.

3.     Publish and embed

Once your magazine is created, you will be taken to the publication page and you will see your issue has been created. Click on the issue name and you will be taken to the settings page.  Click on the publish tab and copy the embedding code and that’s it.  You can create a responsive digital magazine in about 60 seconds and have it embedded on your page.

By Paul Mc Nulty.


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