Aggregate Feeds to Save Money & Increase ROI

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We have all heard the adage that time is money, a quote which is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin in his publication “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One” which coincidentally was published on this very day in 1748. This quote has never been more pertinent than in today’s world, a world saturated by online information supplied through connected devices, a world where information overload is a very real and substantial obstacle for those who wish to garner, and supply all the information they can but simply do not have the time.

This is where aggregate feeds come to the fore; aggregate feeds supply us with a means of keeping up to date with the all the news and information we require without the time intensive methods we would usually associate with doing so. Using aggregated feed platforms you can simply point the platform towards the feeds that interest you the most and as soon as these feeds are updated they will be delivered to your connected device, a virtual newspaper if you like, one that carries the obvious advantage of continuously updating and carrying the latest news within its digital realm.


Aggregate feeds and your business
Aggregate feeds (sometimes known as RSS feeds) can be used to benefit your business in numerous ways, when you develop your own RSS  feeds using your own original content, you maximize your online visibility, web search engines will start to take notice. You will start to attract a greater number of visitors to your site, not only this, but you will start to attract a greater variety of people to your site that might not have necessarily found you through traditional methods. Your brand awareness will increase through publication of your aggregate feeds, other people then have the opportunity to syndicate your material if they find it has a relevance to their own particular audience, the more people distribute your content, the more your brand awareness increases.

It is also worth noting that using content aggregators in conjunction with aggregate news feeds, can keep your website updated daily, ensuring your site is fresh and up to date, this has a positive knock on effect in regards to ‘pulling’ readers towards your site rather than ‘pushing’ output to them in the guise of e-mail campaigns and other methods. Having a statistics engine built into your aggregate feed reader is a great way of seeing what is actually being consumed by the consumer, how long is being spent reading particular pieces of content, what are the areas that interest each individual reader, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency and much more.

This is all invaluable information for marketing purposes and, if necessary, deciding which way to pivot next. Viewer retention and engagement is vital in terms of both creating and increasing revenue through advertisements, but also in terms of adding to your existing readership and retaining the readers that you already have engaged and returning to your site in the future. Aggregate feeds and the readers used to supply them are the perfect platform from which you can both push and pull content to and from your website, its many capabilities will provide your business with the cutting edge it needs to survive and prosper in today’s content laden world.

By Charlie Gallagher


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