The Phenomena of Advertising in Real Time and Time Based Adverts

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Advertising-in-Real-TimeMarketers have to have super fast reactions to unplanned events in order to get real-time advertising right. Take the Super bowl blackout and Oreo’s quick response with their Dunk in the Dark campaign for example. Marketers have to think on their feet and react speedily for the virility to take hold. Oreo’s quick thinking gained them over 15,000 retweets, 8,000 new followers, and the post got 20,000 like on Facebook, while their Instagram following increased by a remarkable 34,000!

Another form of advertising reliant on timing is outlined in a recent pole. Not long after the Financial Times began seeking ads based on what time they are shown to readers this new survey was published. Digital Context Next conducted research and found that the majority of publishers are now buying and selling ad space based on time based metrics.


Online advertising had been sold based on impressions ie, how many people the advert was exposed to. But as the competition grows with increased numbers online due to tablet and mobile usage the market is being saturated. Now advertisers are leaning towards the new trend of timing ads to show at peak traffic times. Publishers are charging more for adverts on the digital pages that readers are spending more time on. A lot of the strategic planning for these ads is based on metrics and continues to be monitored throughout the advert campaign.

The survey found that 52% of respondents believe a time-in-view metric could replace the standard impression as a universal currency for ad units. Another 48% said it could replace click-through metrics, while 32% said time can’t replace the currently used metrics. So the jury is pretty much out on a definite answer to whether time will win over impressions. Watch this space.

By Audrey Henry


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