Remarkable Advantages to Advertising in Magazines

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Advertising-in-MagazinesAdvertising is the stronghold of the print and digital magazine industry. The revenue derived from adverts supports many a publication. There is no denying that publishers weight heavily on it and strive to improve on it in beneficial ways for all parties. In today’s blog, I will look at some figures from print ad revenue and the differences and advantages digital magazines give to the reader, advertiser and retailer.

Below I will show some figures from the annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook from PricewaterhouseCoopers:

Advertising in print publishing: Print advertising, which continues to attract the bulk of ad revenue, is expected to decline 4% to $12.8 billion this year, the report found. It is expected to hit $9.3 billion by 2018.

Advertising in digital publishing: The good news is that consumer magazines’ digital ad revenue is projected to climb 22.4% to $3.9 billion this year and reach $7.6 billion by 2018.

Advantages to Advertising in Online Magazines

1. Advertising in digital magazines is cost effective, eco-friendly, and can enhance your online visibility by reaching a mobile audience.

2. The consumers experience when viewing your products and services through a digital advert can offer unique insights into the consumer behavior. Analytics and data are available so you can say categorically if the advert is having the desired effect. Trace direct links to see if sales are coming from clicks on an ad.

3. The beauty of the eMagazine is that it has no limit to the content you can provide or the amount of pages you wish to use, it offers you an additional sales channel and further solidifies your branding and online presence. See the Miami Shoot online magazine here.

4. Advertisers are taking advantage of the benefits they provide over the traditional magazine. Adding video, links, audio and animation can give an online magazine advert an edge over the competition. See a full video tutorial suite here for detailed instruction on how to add this features to a magazine advert.

5. Digital magazine apps are driving readership, traffic, and profits for publishers. Having a app for your magazines branded to suit your corporate identity is a further way to drive revenue through digital advertising and you will be in the perfect position to target the growing tablet and smartphone audience, who love to shop online.

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By Audrey Henry


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