Effective Advertising Ideas to Utilize Within Your Online Content

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Advertising-IdeasPractical use of content can lead to all kinds of things, these days. It can attract new web traffic, more notoriety, increases in sales and online revenue. Now add some advertising to that mix and a strong potential for growth can be on the horizon.

The ways to advertise have changed and evolved for content creators over the last few years. Native advertising can include ideas such as writing a blog or an article about a product, the look is a lot less intrusive that an advert, gaining the viewer’s attention through useful information.
If you produce a regular blog, then creating a simple banner advert to place in the middle of the text is a good way to introduce a call to action for your reader to interact with. This banner image can be clicked and linked to a web page of your choice, it could be to a “more info” section or “buy now” page on your site.

The blog you create can be collated as a Hub. This is a haven for showcasing your content without the usual adverts that appear in normal browsers interfering. In the Hub, you control what content gets included. The hub auto updates so as you add your new blogs to your site your Hub updates also. The discreet way you write your blogs tailored to favor your products or services and the banner ads you include are adverting ideas that can be subtle enough to gain results.
There are lots of digital advertising trends you could be heeding but today’s ideas you can implement for free. Trial Hubs today for free, it only takes a few minutes. Or email info@3dissue.com for more information.

By Audrey Henry


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