10 advantages of mobile magazine publishing – reach your readers on any device

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advantages mobile magazinesI came across a great little term today that tries to encapsulate what it is that we are trying to do with your content,  “Magging”: the publishing  of our content into responsive mobile magazines.  This phrase has been coined by Ben Bajarin  from Techpinion.  He wrote an interesting article on “The rise of magging” (http://techpinions.com/the-rise-of-magging/)  .  The collection and curation of your online content into a magazine format.  I once tried to coin a phrase also,  “Maggregator”, Magazines that aggregate content.  Unfortunately i was the only one who found it clever. I hope this one has longer longevity than mines did.

That been said,  “Magging”, “Maggregating” or the more popular term “Mobile Aggregation” is fast becoming an essential component of any respectable company’s mobile strategy. Here are 10 reasons why I think you need to absorb a tool like 3D Issue Hubs into your mobile publishing strategy:

1. Build in seconds
All you have to do is tell Hubs where your content is stored and it will collect the articles and create the publication for you in under 5 seconds. 3D Issue Hubs is built using responsive page technology which allows it to be designed around the resolution of the device that your reader chooses to consume your content on.  No extra effort is required; you are already publishing your content online through your blogs or content management system.

2. Auto-updating
3D Issue Hubs can be set to update and publish by itself. Simply point it to your RSS feed and tell it when you want it to be updated and published.

3. Publish everywhere
All publications are published in pure HTML5 allowing your magazines to be viewed on all smartphones, tablets and desktops. One edition for every platform.

4. Higher click through efficiency.
Hubs can be enabled to change your publication from a one to many magazine to a one to one publication by tracking user behaviour and personalising your content around your readers’ individual needs.

5. Extract value from archived content.
Blogs are like search. Nobody goes past the first page.  With 3D Issue Hubs, you can index your articles and allow relevant archived content to push dynamically to a reader whose profile indicates that they are interested in content on that topic.

6. Go to where your audience are
A third of your audience is already accessing your content on mobile. This figure is growing rapidly. 3D Issue Hubs takes care of that in seconds.

7. Turn your readers into editors / distributors
Use 3D Issue Hubs to allow your readers to create highly personalised magazines based on your content which they would share through their network.  These personalized magazines remain on your site and would serve to drive traffic to your site.

8. Native Apps
We can provide you with custom apps for your publications enabling you to have content marketing native apps for iOS, android tablets and smartphones; windows  surface and FaceBook.

9. Higher user engagement
By packaging your content into a beautiful digital edition, you can remove the disruptiveness of the web page and retain your audiences attention for longer. Leading to great consumption and click throughs.

10. Enhanced advertising opportunities
Use this magazine platform to get a greater efficiency from your ads. remove the old banner ads and use this canvas to serve beautiful full ads akin to what they would expect from a traditional magazine.

By Paul Mc Nulty.


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