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Add more for your advertisers3D Issue is used in many different ways and by so many different organisations that sometimes we forget about the people that help make it all happen in the first place your advertisers.

For advertisers there is one major draw to your publication – making them look good without too much effort on their part, so don’t let them down, add value to their proposition by upping your communication strategy for them.

There are a few good ways to do this.

1. Use Google Analytics to give your advertisers quantitative data on their advert
2. Add in media and feedback buttons (Pro Customers only) so their advert comes to life
3. Design for digital – tell them, maybe we can up that cut through by creating a better piece of collateral?

The great thing about adding these types of features for your advertisers be they big or small is that your contact person will have some hard data and something aesthetically worthwhile that they can take ownership of and that is part of really what can make a good communication well on its way to becoming great!

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