Google to add Media and Social elements to Adverts

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Media and Social elements to AdvertsOn-line banner advertising is to get a face lift according to the official Google Blog as reported by Nick Fox, Vice President of Product Management, the post outlines that Google are to provide advertising which is more involving, complete with media elements and a local touch, the number of +1’s a link has from Google+ for example.

These new ads are expected to roll out soon as Google has been working at this for 2 years now Google are ready to bring more personalized advertising to its users. The advertisements will look like circulars advertisements which are more usually seen in the print format, as mentioned in this report .

The advertising will feature bigger more media focused content which is already in place for some movie advertising for digital publishing this means that at some point in the future digital publications may contain great advertising that appeals, companies already signed up include Macy’s and BestBuy as Google asks themselves maybe the best ads are just answers.

Digital publications can gain traction from this development as traditional print moves closer to full digital circulation, digital publications need to have a competitive way to sell advertising space that can compete and beat the traditional mediums.

What this also means is that Pay-Per-Click advertising will now become more prevalent in search as well as the use of Google+1 which could encourage more users to join the newest social network.

Click here to watch a Google Video on the topic.



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