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digitaleditions-icons-buttons-customizeThe 3D Issue default buttons allow Professional software users to add buttons to their content for movies, audio, comments, e-mail and more – from experience we know people like the defaults – the set provided are a purposeful and a good ‘safe’ set they could be used on any number of publications a solid set of images which are used lots but there are other options out there too!

So to follow on and complement our recent blog on:

Brand 3D to work with your brand Guidelines

we’ve plucked out #3 which to refresh was ‘Add custom buttons for readers’ and wanted to flesh the topic out a bit so content owners can feel more comfortable in adding this key feature.

All 3D Issue users will know that in the Professional Version of the software you may add in reader buttons directly onto the page and the hotspot is not to be forgotten in this piece it still has a role to play e.g. in the use of creative content + hotspot they are vital.

In order to add new buttons to your publication you’ll need to make a purchase or you’ll need to get some designed. The latter option is quick and relatively inexpensive whilst the latter will offer more scope as the piece can be directed as you require and amended where necessary.

1.    When choosing your icons bear in mind that the allocated space for each button image in 3D Issue is 128×128 pixels.

2.    A good provider of icon kits which we use from time to time is there are thousands of images available on this site and the pricing model in use is very competitive you purchase a number of credits with kits ranging in price from 15 credits to 20 a credit roughly equates to US$1

3.    A good approach to take is start with the goal of being consistent with the most prominent colour in your logo or brand identity, then that colour will be instantly recognisable and more effective – imagine Coca-Cola for example changing their red colour? Even a slight variation on the shade of red would be deemed dangerous to brand equity, hence Coke go to great lengths to keep this exact red shade correct throughout all their branding.

4.    On the other hand, the goal may be for your buttons to ‘work the publication’ rather than the brand this can be achieved quiet easily too. By choosing a good contrasting colour – your buttons will stand out. Examples or contrasting colours are: grey and yellow, orange and blue, purple and green, refer to ‘the color wheel’ pick the colours that are opposite to each other on the wheel as they are proven to work best.

5.    Note the wide range of button options available – There are circular, square, rectangular, etc…There are even matte looking shades (perhaps you’re looking for that stainless steel effect) or there are very glossy looking buttons, with a reflective glass-like appearance, thus making it more ‘pushable’ via click and on iPad or other tablet with a finger– all the time motivating the person reading your digital magazine to click on it therefore increasing interactivity.  Think texture and feel.

6.    Remember it is not a good idea to make a complicated button – or one too small – remember above all it has to be functional. We could have the most beautiful buttons – but if the eye is not drawn they will be redundant, so discreet may not necessarily work.

7.    Remember too that in 3D Issue V5.1 we added the iPad and iPhone app icon image option which we blogged about here so when adding new icons for the buttons be sure to add one here too for more inforamtion on this icon and a video check out adding an app icon to your 3D Issue publication .

If you are using the trial version of 3D Issue and you are seeing dots rather than buttons select options from the menu toolbar then buttons and change the option to button.
We hope you find this article useful and for more information or tips on button choices let us know your thoughts at

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