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icon for publicationAs we blogged about last week there are many benefits to developing App style publications for your readers i.e. A publication intended for consumption on an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) or other tablet device which can run on your device without any need to download from the Android Market place or the Apple App store.

Using 3D Issue V5.1 you too can create a cloud based reading experience for your readers by creating lots of content in V5.1 and adding to your Archive as you work through each publication you’ll be able to build a library of content easy to navigate and access from the home screen.

Also why not take advantage of sharing content in this way so that you remain in control and may potentially us the same link for different content all the time?

Update your content then redistribute the same link

So you could update the content whenever you want to via the same reader link, their icon stays the same but the content will change through a clever move of the previous publication on your server you can still build your archive which readers can then access via their “current edition” if your readers have the App icon on their home screen all they need to do is reopen the publication to access the most up to date version prompted via e-mail for example.

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Be sure to add in your App Icon

In 3D Issue for iOS devices it is possible to specify a file image which will display on the readers device when they add a short cut to homes screen giving the full ‘App effect’ without having to deal with the App store hoop jumping to get their.

When readers open a publication for the first time on iOS devices readers are presented with a box suggesting they add an App Short cut to their home screen. Convenient and another opportunity to brand a little part of their iPad, but there is more.

One such publication which has taken this route is the financial times having developed their own App based publication in HTML5, another is the Kindle App which runs on HTML5 and allows readers to access their books over the internet via the Cloud.

For more info on Adding an App icon check out this 3D Issue YouTube video.


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