8 Online Publishing Questions Answered

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online publishingAs publishers and businesses look into creating digital editions and move towards the online publishing space, their can be many questions that need answering. Here we have put together the most frequently asked questions about online publishing that we hear from new customers each day (with answers !)

Whether you want to know what formats to create your digital editions in, whether you should have a native App or HTML5 web App, or just want to know the benefits of going digital.

The slides answers the following questions:

1. Should my digital editions be native Apps or HTML5?
2. Should print publications be modified for online?
3. What are the benefits of going digital?
4. When is the right time to go digital?

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5. How can i make money from my digital editions?
6. What are the best practices for digital magazines?
7. There are so many devices, what formats should I create?
8. How do publishers and marketers create awareness of the e-book?

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