7 ways to create awareness of your eBook

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create awareness of ebookCreating your eBook is one thing, creating awareness around the edition is another. If people don’t know about the eBook or cannot access it then the publication’s success can be jeopardized.

So how can you create awareness of your eBook? Follow some quick tips here:

1. Create and maintain a subscriber database
If you have an email subscriber list then this is where to start, send out the email with the digital magazine to your subscribers as a priority.  If you don’t have a subscriber list, there are lots of easy to use, cost effective email marketing solutions available. These can let your readers opt in, keep their details up to date and specify topics of interest.

2. Activate sharing options in your eBook
Your readers will often want to spread the word and share interesting content with their friends. Activate the social sharing options in your eBook so that this can happen with ease. The sharing options are then visible to your readers, allowing readers to easily select to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email, spreading the awareness.

3. Let your ‘fans’ know
Your social followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, are people subscribing to what you have to say, so post them a link to the edition so they too can view. Build up your social networks and keep them engaged with new and relevant news, tips, tricks and downloads.

4. Let Google find you!
Ensure that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) properties are completed when creating your digital editions. 3D Issue users can head over to the CONTENT tab and hit ‘edit’ under ‘Profile’ then ensure the seo section contains effective keywords in the title, description and keywords section.

5. Give your readers the mobile optimized eBook
As 3D Issue Version 5 automatically generates HTML5 web apps, use this to reach your mobile readers. When a reader comes to view one of your digital magazines their browser is checked and they are automatically shown the most suitable version for the device they are on. This means you can reach readers on the move.

6. Allow new readers a ‘subscribe’ route
Once a new reader is in the publication, it is important that they have a way of subscribing. This way when then next edition of the publication is released they can receive their own copy without relying on a friend to share with them. Placing a subscribe button in the design of your eBook is a great way of doing this. This button can then be linked to a landing page on your site which allows new subscribers to sign up.

7. Make older issues available
Ensure you add your publications to your digital archive. This means that readers of future and older publications in this series can access this edition too with the click of the mouse (or tap of the finger!) Here’s some more information about adding your digital publication to your archive.

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