68% of tablet owners are most adventurous with newspapers and magazine choices

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According to a research by the PPA ‘68 per cent of tablet owners have read newspapers or magazines on a tablet that they have not read in print’.

What does this finding tell us the consumer?

Some of the key findings on consumers’ behaviour reported by the PPA indicate the following patterns:

•  Tablet owners are more likely to have read and purchased printed magazines in the previous three months than the national average

•  Readers want both the print and digital versions of the magazine, with the digital version being seen as an enhancement, not a replacement

•  73 per cent of tablet owners use the device whilst in bed and 96 per cent use it on the sofa: similar to the statistics of where people read print magazines.

As a result, it is possible to conclude that both platforms are working together to provide readers with a wider range of choices. Thus, the PPA TAP (Tablets and Publishing) reports that 96 per cent of tablet owners have read a printed magazine in the last year. This positive outcome shows that both platforms can complement each other to satisfy the needs of the consumers and not exclude each other.

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What kind of opportunities can this bring to the publishers?

As increasing tablet sales are expected to continue; there are new and exciting opportunities for publishers. Firstly, the distribution of magazine editions can be expanded to reach a wider audience and at the same time, it provides an opportunity to integrate and complement print and digital editions. There is a great possibility for advertisers to increase brand awareness as tablet sales and copies are growing rapidly.


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