5 ways to generate more leads from your digital edition

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3d marketing1) Allow new readers to sign up
Is your publication a free publication which can be passed on from current subscribers to their friends or via social networks? Then you should consider how to ensure these referrals have a way of opting in so they receive their own copy. Creating an inviting call to action subscribe button in the design of your pdf is a great way of doing this. This button can then be linked to a landing page on your site which allows new subscribers to sign up. Don’t forget you can also use this landing page to gather other data too about sector, preferences and so on.

2) Link to related publications
One great advantage of digital is that it is much easier to direct readers to older or related editions. Think about which other publications this audience could be interested in and add these as links from the edition they are reading. Don’t let your older content go to waste.

3) Offer a trial, download
Engage readers of your digital edition by providing them with enticing offers, content or promotions. It could be a download of a whitepaper, a free trial of a service or entry to a competition. These offers can be linked to a well optimized landing page on your site to capture information and then provide them with the advertised offer.

4) Banner or in magazine advertising
If you are looking to generate revenue from your publication then it can be very easy to set up advertising in your digital editions. You may look at offering your advertisers banner advertising or ads within the page. Don’t forget with the tracking information available in digital editions you can then provide your advertisers with full performance reports so they can determine the ROI.

5) Let them take it away with them
Digital readers often want to download the edition so they can take it with them on the go. You will need to keep in mind that readers may be accessing content from different devices, so PC, Mac, Laptop, iPhones, iPads and other tablet devices. Therefore ensure that you have your digital edition in different download formats to suit the audience. More information can be seen here about whether to create HTML5 or ePub files. So let your reader read the publication when and where it suits them.

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