5 Ways to create e-books that sell

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Many 3D Issue customers and new clients alike contact us to find out how they can prepare content pdf to eReaderwhich is going to be sold on-line and how to do so effectively. We often engage with them to see where they get inspiration from and how to utilize this content to create a magazine online or an e-book which has a market.

Qualitative questions help establish where your content can ‘fit’ in the market.

• Who is already writing in this space?

• What are they saying?

• Do I agree with this and why?

• What can I offer and will it be well received?

Look at the blogs which are in this space are there in my specific area?

• Where are they located?

• How long have they been in existence?

• Do they use many e-books and how many of them are published authors?

• How many other publications are there out there like mine?

• What form or format does that content take?

• Who and where are the people doing it?

PDF to EBook Conversion (epub and mobi files)

TIP: Due to the nature of the PDF document layout format please be aware of the following points when converting your PDF to E-Book:

• Text extraction from image based documents is not supported (where text is a part of the image)

• Complex, multi-column document paragraphs may not be extracted in the desired order

• Extraction of vector images and tables from PDFs is not supported

• Embedded non-unicode PDF fonts that represent non-Latin characters are not supported

Provide content in multiple formats

• Provide digital magazine versions and epub and mobi for download offer a link to epub and mobi files from within your digital magazine version

•Monitor and examine the use of your publications remember those clicks count!

page flip software

Provide off-line version of your content for magazines

•Content which is created in magazine mode may also be provided to your client via CD or USB drive

• Useful for places where wi-fi might be unavailable or expensive for limited use e.g. Airports abroad

• Can work in conjunction with other promotional items like USB drives distributed at trade shows add value by adding content to the drive.

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