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After many months of development and enhancements to version 3.4, 3D Issue has officially launched 3D Issue Professional version 4 for both the Mac and Windows platforms.

We’ve been busy collecting together customer feedback and wish lists and packed together some of the most requested and beneficial features to enable you make even better looking and functional digital editions.  This latest version has taken the software to another level and is packed with new and exciting features to help marketers and publishers to create the most professional looking and interactive digital publications.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of version 4:

New software design
The 3D Issue software converter and editing screens that users use to create their digital editions has undergone a stunning transformation. Creating your digital editions is now done all within one interface designed with user experience in mind so the creation process is more straight-forward and easy to use.

Customization features
Within the editing window you can now choose from a number of pre-designed templates allowing you to get the look and feel that best suits your publication. To add further flexibility the colors opacity of hotspots can be set to your own preferences. Page-flip sounds, swipe/page-flip actions and spine shading can be also be set from within the software.

Create iPad compatible publications
A major development of 2010 has been the launch and adoption of the iPad. Publishers have been rushing to create iPad magazines and publications. All 3D Issues that you create with version 4 will be iPad compatible, enabling your publications to be read on an ever growing number of iPads.

Vector based technology
Version 4 converts your pdfs into vector which gives your digital magazine a crystal clear look, for example your readers can zoom in until 1 letter takes up the whole screen and there would be zero pixilation.

One click to publish
Version 4 includes ftp software built into the software, so once you have finished creating and adding interactivity you can ‘publish’ the publication to your website with one click. If you have multiple websites that you host your publications on you can save all these hosting details into the software, then when you’re ready to publish simply select the appropriate website.

Detected and now placed links
Version 4 will detect any email and address or web address from your original pdf documents and automatically place and activate these links in the digital version.

Add, replace and delete pages
The new add, replace, delete pages feature allows you to amend your 3D Issue quickly and easily. If you have a page that has been changed since you created the digital edition you can simply tell the software where the new page is and the change is made.

Memory load controller
Now you can have complete control of how many pages are loaded when a reader accesses your digital edition. This is great for larger publications of over 500 pages as the pages do not have to load all at once.

Videos play from existing location
When you add videos to your 3D Issues these videos now play from the set location embedded within the page instead of from within a separate pop up window.

The full features lists can be seen here The new version is available to download free for 14 days, check it out here – www.3dissue.com/ and click on the download trial button!



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