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digital-conversion-magazineDid you know that 3D Issue has can help in your SEO campaign? The common perception for SEO is that Flash and some other file formats e.g. PDF are best avoided as they are unreadable by the search engines and of no real benefit when it comes to SEO.

This is true but optimization of the file through naming and placement can help – notably through conversion with 3D Issue you can make your site grow.

We also know that Google favors sites which are in the habit of adding useful content regularly, thankfully even though spiders which scan the web for Google and other search engines might not be able to read Flash 3D Issue gets around this by allowing you to add meta-data to each publication you create.

By selecting a specific profile for your publication type (e.g. you may have one for newsletters another for sales pieces) and associating your chosen keywords/title and description with that piece 3D Issue can build HTML code to sit alongside you publication on your server so your site grows, even if the Flash is not visible – the HTML code is and SEO likes this very much.

This is also a top reason why hosting your own publication is the surest way to gain popularity with the search engines, by hosting and connecting with your site and not an external one your work on content does not go amiss – as the search engines track and prefers trustworthy and relevant sites if your content is stored elsewhere this won’t be as beneficial if your aiming for that elusive top spot on search.

The advent of HTML5 will make this even more effective as even though the technology is in it’s early days it appears that the search engines will be more effective in searching the newer standard.

And don’t forget that 3D Issue also connects with your Google Analytics account for full reader statistics.

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