3D Issue Table of Contents with a Twist

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digital publishing links Did you know that it is possible to add links to the table of contents in 3D Issue? and not just for pages in the publication.

By opening the Table of contents menu you can add the usual Menu settings which lead to a specific page of your publication but also you can add in a link to an external website.

To access these options Click the Design tab and then Menu, you’ll see the box as in the image.

This can be very useful for a number of things e.g. you can add a single entry for all of your advertiser’s websites.

Or maybe you have a sister product which you’d like to highlight as a good website to visit.

So instead of just having the regular table of contents line up, i.e. Editor’s Letter followed by the key articles why not add in an option for recommended sites or ‘our advertiser’s websites’

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Its a convenient way for your readers to navigate through a collection of sites in one place.

And also don’t forget that you can name your tabs whatever you like and add multiple layers so get creative and put a URL in there instead of a page link – it is really effective.

For more info on tips like this e-mail us at sales@3dissue.com



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