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table-of-contents-digital-editionsThe table of contents is often an overlooked feature which is nonetheless vital for certain publications. Whilst only in the Professional version of the software the table of contents is a sure fire way to ensure that your reader can navigate their way around a publication easily and in an informed way.

The table of contents option is in the ‘Design’ tab under ‘Table of Contents.’

To add a table of contents into a 3D Issue publication you have a few options.

1. Ask your graphic designer to add Bookmarks to the PDF
– as with many of the automatic features in 3D Issue adding elements to the flat PDF prior to importing can save time when it comes to conversion with 3D issue this will not save time for all (if for example you are the designer as well as the designated 3D Issue user..!)

Bookmarks in a PDF are automatically detected and used to populate the 3D Issue table of contents.

2. Manually enter the parts of your table of contents piece by piece. The software has the ability to add in each part of your table of contents in a ‘mind map’ style, so you enter your Root Section which might be Chapter 1 then add in the Additional Sections building your table as you go.

3. Use the table of contents for URLs, the Table of contents also allows you to enter a section or a few sections with URLs so that your readers can navigate from your publication to some recommended sites or even to other 3D Issue publications but you may prefer to use the Archive for that. We’ve blogged little on this before here.

4. Use the table of contents templates if your publication has a similar layout or section names each week or month save the template in the table of contents then re-load each time you need to use it this is a sure fire way of saving time though not quite as fast as the embedded bookmarks via InDesign. Remember that the roll over text for bookmarks will be extracted from the information entered when the PDF is being built and cannot be edited in 3D Issue itself.

5. Tip if you have used the ‘page numbering starts on’ feature and set to a page other than the front cover,(done via the Design > Advanced option) when building your Table of contents this is not relevant the links from the table of contents will be according to the number of pages imported not where the reader navigation starts ‘a counting.

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*3D Issue Professional only.
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