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In a recent article How Digital Editions Can Help Save Newspapers Gary Randazzo of GWR research describes how the basis for newspaper sales is partially due to the predictability,the consistency and the reliability of the medium, where advertisements are effective as they can be repeated again and again such that the target can only take notice – he will in effect have no choice.

Also discussed is the unpredictability which is attached to Internet publications, publishers here can advise of the number of click throughs and unique visits but not readers, also there is increasing competition on-line whilst the print variations are dwindling in number.

Randazzo goes on to indicate how digital publications are part of the answer, 3D Issue offers full Google Analytics integrations and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is the former which will be of interest in this piece of the publishing puzzle: Google Analytics which requires a verified Google ID can provide information on each publication including:

• How long readers spend reading the publication
• How many times readers zoom in on each page
• Average number of pages read per visit
• Pages the reader skipped to
• Pages the reader zoomed in on
• Audio files the reader played
• Which video files the reader played
• Which flash movies the reader played
• Which websites the reader visited from the publication
• What comments the reader forwarded
• What addresses the reader sent emails to
• What keywords the reader searched for
• How often the reader used thumbnail navigation
• How many readers used the exit button
• How many readers skipped to other editions
• How many readers altered the settings
• What pages the readers printed
• What articles in the contents menu the reader clicked on
• From which page the reader initiated the send to friend feature
• Percentage of new readers per issue
• County where readers are loggin in from
• Percentage of repeat readers per issue

Now try to do all that with a traditional newspaper !

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