3 Free Chapters of eBook “Breaking the Page”

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image-ebookA preview of a new book to be published by O’Reilly Media promises to explain how we can best utilize the enhancements available to the publisher now with digital publishing specifically in mind.

The Author Peter Meyers has been researching for the book since 2009 and whilst his thesis may not be for everyone there is value in this content. The real focus of the work is on ePub and .Mobi files with the theme of keeping them simple being of paramount. Many of the topics hit on in this free eBook download are available in 3D Issue Version 5 where the author promises to explain the best ways to:

• Integrate audio, links, and motion so they partner with prose rather than distract from it
• Design content to match the reader’s mindset—from info snackers to patient perusers
• Compose for the traditional page as well as the “infinite canvas”
• Instrument “smarter” books that aid memory and assist comprehension
• Conceive multi-state graphics and customizable charts
• Embed social tools to harness reader enthusiasm while respecting their need to focus
• Make sense of everything from eInk to ePub, and from app books to books in browsers

•  The above list was taken from the link indexed below. •

For the new 3D Issue customer out there this is a good read and as a free download time well spent though it is only three chapters and note that registration is required for download via this link 3D Issue accept no liability for files downloaded as a result of use of this link or the free ebook.

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