11 Ways to Optimize your Marketing Videos on YouTube

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Optimize Marketing Videos

The world of communications has changed beyond recognition in recent years, the world as a whole has become an intimately more accessible place due to the advancements in technology and how they enable us to interact. Whilst it is easy to become accustomed to the way we utilize technology and communicate with each other it wasn’t always this simple. In years gone by if a member of your family or friends moved to a faraway country you would have to rely on letter that would take an eternity to get there or else expensive long distance calls that usually meant the caller/recipient having to keep unsociable hours just to maintain contact.

Social media is a goliath in terms of modern communication, the various platforms which were non-existent only a short time ago now command astronomical figures which are truly mind boggling (At last count Facebook had 1.19 billion monthly users, Twitter had 115 million monthly users with 9100 tweets happening per second and YouTube had a whopping 1 billion videos views per day). The same methods now apply to communication in business and consumer engagement in particular, there is a saying that it costs six-seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one so it makes even more sense to keep the lines of communication with consumers open and actively encourage engagement.

Optimize Marketing Videos

Video in particular is predicted to have major impact on marketers and consumers alike in the coming year, a great report by Reelseo points out some interesting statistics, they include:

• 82% of marketers confirmed that video marketing had a positive impact on their business

• 93% of marketers surveyed are using video in their campaigns

• 60% are using video for email marketing

• 84% are using video for website marketing

• 70% are optimizing video for search engines

• 70% of marketers will increase spend on video


Some other fascinating insights into the power of video supplied by Business2community also state:

• People are more likely to comment on video than any other type of social media content

• 60% of web audiences prefer watching video to reading text

• Including video in an email almost doubles click-through rates

• Videos posted on YouTube have the potential to go viral.

Below is a video explaining how to assemble online publication with interactive features such as video.

The impact and potential of video is immense and it is a channel which deserves every company’s attention. The above statistics are indicative of the benefits of such an approach.
With these facts fresh in our minds, today’s blog will center on just how to get the most from you marketing videos on YouTube, I hope you find topics of relevance and take something away from the blog to use in the optimization of your marketing collateral on YouTube.

• First and foremost, create great content!

• Understand Your Users: Who They Are and How They Watch

• Understand Where Users are Finding Your Videos

• Include appropriate keywords in the title of the video

• Write a keyword rich description of your video that is both detailed and informative

• Optimize YouTube tags using relevant keywords

• Build calls to action — and a way for leads to follow up

• Analyze your performance, and plan future content

• Use Captions/Subtitles

• Include a URL on the top of description

• Use eye-catching thumbnails

Below is a video which explains in more detail how to add video to your digital editions.

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