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3D Issue Hubs will convert your content into
a digital publication. Your Hub is responsive
to the device it is being viewed on.

Hubs adapts the content to display in any device

Reach your audience

On average, companies use 13 different online platforms to promote and engage with their readers but don’t have a single location where their audience can access that content.
3D Issue Content Hubs allows you to centralise all your content into responsive mobile applications instantly.


How it works

3D Issue Content Hubs collects and centralises your online marketing content and converts it into stunning mobile web applications that can be viewed on any desktop, tablet, eReader or SmartPhone. 3D Issue collects content from premium social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Youtube. Your readers can also push content through these platforms through comments and sharing options.

Collates content from multiple sources and displays it all in one place hassle free


Convert your digital content into a Content Hub

Get started today! Using 3D Issue Hubs you can bring together content you have on your website, blogs, Twitter feed, YouTube account, Facebook, Tumblr and more. Your reader can then access all your content together, on the device they choose to view it on.

Available on all devices

Feature Highlights

Create, publish and share your content hub with these additional features:

dynamic magazineA content hub in an instant

Simply insert the location of your content and click build

Responsive content

Watch how your content automatically adapts to any resolution

Publish to any platform

Content can be viewed on any desktop, tablet or mobile device

Auto updating

Checks your site for content and auto updates your content hub

API Ready

Integrate your apps into the core content hub using our API

Multiple sources

Add content from RSS, Blogs, HTML pages, social feeds, email or copy & paste


Change fonts, colours & background. Completely customize to your needs

Custom URLS

Create customized urls to enhance your traffic quality


Add your hub into your own website in a matter of seconds

Stats analysis

Get in-depth stats on your audiences behaviour and how they interact

Target your audiences needs

Allow your content hub to alter to the audiences preference

Search & highlight results

Allow readers to search and highlight areas of interest

Video & Multimedia

Display video and multimedia clips within the content of your hub

Photo Gallery

Use the image gallery tools to build beautiful photo transitions.

Front covers

Add your own interactive front covers with transitions

Multiple locations

Create as many content hubs with as much content as you want

Cloud Storage

Create, store and manage all of your publications on our EC2 cloud service.

Social Share

Build and share your hub through social networks.

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