5 Valuable Strategies in App Marketing

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App-MarketingIf you have produced an app the most important stage now lies ahead of you; the marketing of the app! Never underestimate this essential juncture as this is where many have failed in the past. In today’s blog, I will discuss some core principles that are key in the marketing of your app.

1. Produce an app that has been customized to suit your corporate identity, ...

Improve your Brand Reputation Online with These Content Marketing Strategies

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Brand-Reputation-OnlineThere are many advantages to having a good brand reputation online:

1. Increased traffic to your website.

2. Organic social sharing and liking of your posts.

3. Natural commenting on your brand’s content in forums.

4. Online audiences recommending your product or services to friends via online means; for example a group discussion on Linked In or through a public share to a friends timeline on Facebook.

Factors that help brand reputation ...

An Interactive Publication Can Capture your Reader’s Attention

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Interactive-PublicationCapture the reader’s attention by implementing interactive features within your digital publication.

Design and create a publication that can achieve a longer engagement rate. Readers will stay on your pages longer with articles that have been enhanced with audio interviews, or music to highlight a theme or a section of content.

Traditional marketing taking a back seat:
With traditional marketing under pressure from ...

New Report States that An increasing eReading Market is Mobile

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eReading-Market-is-MobileI read a blog recently by Mobile World Live commenting on a report from Strategy Analytics. The findings are interesting for eBook publishers with future predictions looking bright.

Reading on mobile is proving popular; with publications now being created that are suitable for all devices. With the adoption of publishers using branded apps, the accessibility of content has never been so easy to ...

How to Create an eBook that is SEO Optimized

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How-to-Create-an-eBookIn today’s blog we will show you how to create an eBook and provide tips as to how you can optimize it to be found in search.

You have worked long and hard to create the content for your eBook, now comes the software bit. We have step by step video tutorials on how to install the digital publishing and all the stages of importing ...

Bring your Company Branding through to your Digital Marketing

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Company-BrandingFrom large corporations to small independent businesses; one thing they share is a common need to have a strong online presence. In today’s blog, I will discuss the need to convey company branding well to your digital audience and why this is of utmost importance.

Solid branding can lead to growth, familiarity and most importantly trust among your followers, customers and prospects.

From a brand marketing ...

The Phenomena of Advertising in Real Time and Time Based Adverts

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Advertising-in-Real-TimeMarketers have to have super fast reactions to unplanned events in order to get real-time advertising right. Take the Super bowl blackout and Oreo’s quick response with their Dunk in the Dark campaign for example. Marketers have to think on their feet and react speedily for the virility to take hold. Oreo’s quick thinking gained them over 15,000 retweets, 8,000 new followers, and the ...

Create an eReplica of your Brochure to Generate Online Sales

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ereplicaThe glossary of digital publishing terms has spread to include eReplica of late. Perhaps the word has been so easily adopted because people quite simply talk about creating a replica of their printed brochures for online use. This eReplica of a printed brochure, magazine or user guide can be accessed from all devices and determining your audience, this can be beneficial in an increase in ...

Give an Optimal Reader Experience to Every One of Your Audience

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Reader-ExperienceWhen creating a digital edition to showcase your brands’ products ensure the reader experience is exceptional.

Offering the reader the choice of being able to read your content from whichever device they choose is something publishers are doing currently. So if a viewer started reading your digital magazine at work from their office PC, they then can continue reading on their bus commute home from ...

Hybrid Edition – a Term Commonly Used in Publishing Industry Circles

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Hybrid-EditionPublishers, readers and marketers are all using such a large variety of words and phrases to describe the digital publications they are creating. Have you heard the term hybrid edition yet? We hear our customers use terms like eBook, interactive magazine and eReplica on a daily basis; what’s interesting is all these terms kind of mean the same thing.

Just one install of digital publishing software ...

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