Introducing 5 Unique Features of Flipbook Maker Software

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flipbook-makerThe flipbook maker software 3D Issue comes with many features that can enhance a digital edition. In today’s blog, I will run through a few choice features of the software. As we usually blog about the best known and widely used features today I picked some lesser known features to give you an introduction to exactly what they can do. Consequently, today you may ...

Digital Marketing Benefits to be Achieved Through Hard Work

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content-marketing-benefitsHow can your website benefit from your content marketing efforts? Do you truly know the answer to this conundrum? We have heard a lot recently about internet or digital marketing with the content you create. Doing this right can gain you untold advantages over your competitors.

The main aim of the content you create should be to:
Find a group of people who have ...

View an eCatalog Example to Gain Insights into Online Shopping

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eCatalog-ExampleFinding a product online is much easier than finding it in your local store. Every day more and more consumers are turning to online shopping and for good reason. With fast paced lifestyles the convenience alone is well worth the time saved. eCatalogs delivered to inboxes are directly showcasing products and services. Integrated with interactive features such as video, audio, and direct links ...

How to Create eBook Versions of the Content you Produce

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How-to-Create-eBookCurrently you may produce content, you may be thinking of ways to start charging for your content or marketing it in a modern technical form.

Presently, more eBooks are sold by Amazon than hardcover books. eBooks have been around now for more than 40 years, but people didn’t take to reading books on computer screens. Until recently, now the sudden demand in eBooks was brought on ...

Why Create an Interactive Magazine?

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Interactive-MagazineWith the frequency of browsing on tablet and smartphone devices having an interactive digital version of a print magazine is a widespread practice.

With digital publishing software all the features are geared around user experience, so you can rest assured your reader will have a beautiful visual reading experience. With the options to also appeal to their other senses like hearing and touch the impact ...

The Traditional Page Flip Catalog Meets New Age Technology

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Page-Flip-CatalogHaving a page flip catalog to market your products can be a wise business choice. It is still a preferred shopping guide as the catalog has long traditions with the general public from the days of mail order shopping for products that just couldn’t be purchased locally.

Even though products are more readily available now, these traditions live on. Today the communications industry has stepped up ...

6 Tips to Consider When you Make a Brochure

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Make_a_Brochure1. Design: Whether your brochure is to promote an up market hotel, a functional washing machine, or a seasonal look at the latest fashions, you should develop a generic template to work with. It then can be used time and time again by simply inserting the new text and images. This can be done in the design package InDesign, but budding designers use all kinds ...

A PDF Flipbook Offers Many Marketing Possibilities

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PDF-FlipbookLondon Design Festival kicked off last Saturday. I couldn’t help notice The Icon Design Trail website, and the 150 page digital flipbook to accompany it. Very impressive design, delivery and presentation.

Along with your website and from the humble beginnings of a mere PDF the possibilities to market an event to such standards is achievable. You can create a flipbook from a PDF in 3 easy ...

Help for Your Content Engagement Strategy Today

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Content-engagementWhen the content you create has a huge fan base the likely hood of it getting found online can be easy. For all the rest of us that might have a more niche fan or more bespoke market we are trying to attract, then the job can be a little more difficult. That’s where planning and a bit of calculated content management comes into play, ...

Is the Interactive eBook the New Marketing Bait of Late?

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Interactive-ebookBrands and marketers are becoming publishers recently. Have you realized this? Scrap the thought of a digital book being just for reading on a Kindle. There is a silent revolution occurring and the production of interactive marketing materials, such as ebooks, online books and digital publications are fast becoming the content magnet of choice for digital marketers.

Knowing what your audience is consuming their content ...

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