An Exciting New Aggregator Designed Especially for Content Creators

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Content-creatorsWe are in the middle of a big technical revolution. The internet is most definitely informing the way we create content. With advances in technology and software installed on desktop computer’s content can be created almost anywhere. Recording studios have popped up in many a bedroom, writers, publishers, animators, art directors are all embracing this exciting, new sounding board.

The like of bloggers and You ...

Creating an Online Brochure and 6 Valued Ways to Reach the Market

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Creating-an-Online-BrochureMany and varied are the benefits of having your brochure available online. By creating a digitized version your viewer reach automatically widens. The prospect being that hopefully these viewers can be converted into customers. So the more viewers seeing your online brochure the healthier the company growth will be. Showcasing your product or service through an online brochure means you can use your high ...

Develop Partnerships for Online Content Success

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online-contentYour online content does not have to rely on the strength of if its own site alone, the power of partnerships has brought new growth to many a commercial marriage.

The experience of creating partnerships has been a traditional method of generating a steady cash flow for many generations. You may not be aware how widespread this practice actually is, so in today’s blog, I will list ...

Discover Profitability From Using eBrochure Software

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eBrochure-SoftwareUsing eBrochure software is a key strategy for reaching a customer base and promoting online sales. The software can easily be installed on a PC, Mac or laptop. You don’t need to be in any way an IT expert to give it a whirl. We find most of our customers embrace the experience, while others delegate the task to their marketing or design ...

Your Website Content Needs These 10 Top Tips

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website-content1. Create blogs, keep titles under 70 characters, use keywords, and write about what interests your market.

2. Have a clear call to action on your homepage. Other pages may also have call to actions integrated with the design of the page. Don’t allow this to overpower each page, as it may be off putting.
3. Color and images. Pay attention to the importance of ...

10 Top Reasons For You to Create Online Magazine and Publications

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Create-Online-Magazine1. Don’t waste that PDF content: If you have already created a printed version. You have a PDF of your work. Shame to leave it at this stage. By bringing this PDF into the digital publishing software, you can add interactivity, such as audio, video, and web links that a print copy could never achieve. It’s a simple 3 step process.

2. You can reach ...

Introducing a New Content Conversion Auto Updating Tool

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Content Conversion Social Hubs is a new marketing tool that collates your web content into a hub. Converting your content into a hub means it then can be sent as a web link or added to your site as a hub. But not everybody knows how it works. If you find yourself in this situation, here is a webchat I had with a customer the ...

How to Use a Page Flip Newsletter Effectively for Marketing

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page-flip-newsletterSending your news to your organization or customer base can now be achieved through an online page flip newsletter. These correspondences can be weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on. They also can be one offs, to showcase events or special offers.

Please see an example below of a full color, visual feast of a newsletter to market an upcoming event; the popular TV show “Grand ...

What Your Desktop Publishing Software Should be Able to do For You!

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Desktop-publishing-softwarePublishing has reached new frontiers of late. The facets and features now available in certain publishing softwares are quite remarkable. Options to publish to all devices, from mobile to PC is even in itself an impressive feat of modern technology, the responsive design elements being able so switch and suit a screen in milliseconds baffles the mind. And this is only the start ...

Evaluate Your eBook Distribution From the Start of Each Project

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ebook-distributionUndoubtedly an especially important topic for self-publishers is the delivery of their eBook. How their novel will be distributed not only affects them from a monetary aspect; it is largely a time issue also. Techniques of creating ebooks should incorporate an intention of distribution with an end result in mind from the get go.

Knowing which devices your readers are likely to read your work ...

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