What Your Desktop Publishing Software Should be Able to do For You!

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Desktop-publishing-softwarePublishing has reached new frontiers of late. The facets and features now available in certain publishing softwares are quite remarkable. Options to publish to all devices, from mobile to PC is even in itself an impressive feat of modern technology, the responsive design elements being able so switch and suit a screen in milliseconds baffles the mind. And this is only the start ...

Evaluate Your eBook Distribution From the Start of Each Project

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ebook-distributionUndoubtedly an especially important topic for self-publishers is the delivery of their eBook. How their novel will be distributed not only affects them from a monetary aspect; it is largely a time issue also. Techniques of creating ebooks should incorporate an intention of distribution with an end result in mind from the get go.

Knowing which devices your readers are likely to read your work ...

Effective Advertising Ideas to Utilize Within Your Online Content

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Advertising-IdeasPractical use of content can lead to all kinds of things, these days. It can attract new web traffic, more notoriety, increases in sales and online revenue. Now add some advertising to that mix and a strong potential for growth can be on the horizon.

The ways to advertise have changed and evolved for content creators over the last few years. Native advertising can include ...

Interesting Page Flip Brochure Marketing Ideology

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page-flip-brochureThe reasons for marketing your product through an online page flip brochure are proven to deliver down the line to sales and in increase in revenue.

Interestingly page flip is the most popular option for navigating through the digital pages. People are embracing technology, yet still are preferring the traditional feeling they are accustomed to; hence technology mimicking the handheld version of page turning. The more ...

Online Brochure Design Can Be Enhanced in Ways Print Can’t Be

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Brochure-Design-3Now is the time for digital media marketers to think on all levels at the initial design stage of new projects. With considered brochure design, the digital versions can lead to sales and orders online. The design should be developed in such a way as to encourage this. The goal that should be foremost in your design strategy is to gain more web traffic ...

Reach Multitudes Promptly With Your Flipbook Digital Version

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flipbook-digitalLet us have a quick look today at some popular digital flipbooks. The term flipbook has become popular of late and for those of you who are not all that familiar with it in today’s blog we will show you some examples.

A digital flipbook is a digital version of your publication, including any video or interactive content you choose to add. The flipbook ...

Magazine Maker Software for Every Type of Publisher

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Magazine-maker-software1If you have a product or service to market, then you can be a publisher too. It is so simple, we find our clients making so many wide-ranging types of magazines every day. Our customers vary from small to medium businesses to large scale corporations. The beauty of magazine maker software is that it can aid personal projects from catalogs, ebooks, newsletters to larger ...

Reasons You Should Aggregate RSS Feeds to Boost Your Marketing Objectives!

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Aggregate-rss-feedsToday’s reasons to aggregate should help you if you feel a little exasperated trying to continually come up with new content marketing ideas. Today I will give some information about a new way to publish a content Hub, thus making good use of your blog and other rss feeds.

With software solutions the way we intake media has changed dramatically in just a few years. ...

How to Create Interactive Catalogs with HTML5 Capabilities

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Interactive-CatalogsAn interactive catalog can embody features that will resonate with an audience on many levels on all devices. It’s an excellent marketing tool, right? Yes, so then lets not delay any longer as holiday season and Christmas are approaching and our Autumn shoppers need to be able to access your products via online means.
Did you know that electronic versions are easier to share. ...

5 Tips for Starting Your Own Magazine for a Mobile and Tablet Audience

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starting-your-own-magazineIn this blog we will outline the fundamentals for launching your own magazine.

1. You will need basics such as: content, articles, writers, images; photography, illustrations, funding; advertising, investors, editors: a proofreader, a designer. Although lots of publications are published these days without all these factors.

2. We will focus on digital versions as they are a huge part of publishing currently and can’t be ignored. With ...

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