Install Flipbook Creator Software on your Desktop or Laptop Computer Today

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Flipbook-CreatorOk, so you have been contemplating creating your own flipbook for some time now. Let’s do it today!

You already have materials in the form of PDFs you can use, so why not add interactivity to them and make them digital.

In a little while you will be sharing your online flipbook, reaching global markets in seconds, and asking yourself “Why didn’t I do ...

Content Strategy a Marketing Differentiator for your Business

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content-strategyThe internet and the vast amount of data it makes available to consumers, can make it a difficult to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so you need to have a good content strategy in place. You have to think about who it is you want to target and ask yourself a few questions based around this, what is it your clientele ...

Are you a Desktop Publisher who Needs an Interactive Table of Contents?

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desktop-publisherDesktop publishing has come a long way in recent years. There certainly is a great deal we all can do from our personal computers, from page layouts, to generating publications to even digitizing them for viewing on all devices.

To self-publish is becoming common practice as technologies allow businesses, organizations and individuals to produce high quality typographical and image rich media comparable to traditional printing methods. ...

Interesting Ways to Share Web Content!

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web-contentSharing our web content is something we all strive to do. We would love to see our content go viral. Having this goal in mind is the correct attitude to have. You should be passionate enough to get behind the content you have created and be promoting it with the confidence it deserves.

The good always rises to the top, making sure the content you ...

Why the Product Catalog Belongs at the Top of your Marketing to do List

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product-catalogBusiness owners are always striving to get their all important products noticed by the public, a means to showcase them is essential. The catalog remains a leader in generating sales and is still recommended as a must for marketers.

If you produce a printed catalog, then you will have a PDF you sent to the printers, this PDF can also be made into an online ...

Why are Publishers Opting for Cloud Publishing Services?

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Cloud-PublishingHead in the clouds? I wouldn’t blame you. In this case it’s good to be in the cloud!

If you publish digital magazines, brochures, catalogs or eBooks you now can host them in the cloud. You don’t need an IT team each time you publish an edition. Simply allow a server like 3D Issue to host your issues. It cuts out the hosting side for you, ...

Easy Fanzine Magazine Creation and Distribution with New Tech Tool

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fanzineIf you are wondering what a Fanzine is all will be revealed in today’s blog. According to Wiki a fanzine is (portmanteau of fan and magazine or -zine) is a nonprofessional and nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre) for the pleasure of others who share their interest.

I am sure as a kid or ...

Top Reasons you Should be Publishing Online Content in a Hub

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Publishing-Online-Content-If you blog, create videos, or any type of online content on a regular basis, you can now publish this content in unique hub.

Our existing 3D Issue customers like how they can include their Flipbooks in their hub and tie in all the other online content they have too. Your hub can also contain the news feeds you follow so all your online content ...

Features to Include when Publishing an Online Magazine

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publishing-an-online-magazineToday we would like to showcase the top features you should include to give your online magazine the edge over the competition! Publishing a magazine can mean real marketing opportunities can exist like never before. Think about teasing the senses of your audience, how about some audio, video, image galleries, hyperlinks, flash and HTML5 animations. What do you think?

The essential feature list:

Image Gallery: Property ...

Is your Interactive PDF Mobile Friendly?

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Interactive-PDF-MobileIf you create PDFs on a regular basis, then today’s blog should interest you. There is no doubt that mobile viewing rates are soaring, we have blogged recently about how publishers are targeting the mobile in their strategies.

We talk to customers each day who have this type content they wish to enhance and make accessible for all devices. Finding the right means ...

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