iPhone 6 or iPad for Reading and Viewing Content?

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iPhone-6-or-iPad-for-ReadingIn today’s blog, I will address the topic of reading on iPhone 6 or iPad, discuss which is the most popular and why is it important for digital marketers to be aware of their audience’s reading habits and on which devices they are browsing content on.

With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus there was much speculation around these devices because of ...

Content Marketing Must-Have Tools for Digital Achievement

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Content-Marketing-Must-Have-ToolsAchieving good results digitally with your much-considered content is every marketer’s goal. Now there is help available for doing that job easily; tools that can bring your content to the masses in the form of one single link or through the convenience of a mobile app are in existence today.

Drive more web traffic to your content, gain greater exposure, make your audience aware of ...

The Only News App for Media Companies

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News-AppNews apps are the future of news communication. Media companies such as news stations, national newspapers and the like have a constant stream of news to share. Ensuring they use the absolute best modes of dispersal for this content is of prime importance.

Now with online sources and the general public’s readiness to embrace the digital age through the huge uptake in electronic devices to ...

Dispell the Hardship, Tips on How to Curate Content Easily

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Curate-ContentContent marketers strive to curate content that will attract new prospects, inform current customers and pose questions that spark an interest in the public to generate leads and sales through inquiry.

Brand strength and trust can be gained determining the campaign and content designed for specific projects.

You can gain repeat buyers by creating content for existing customers; keeping clients in the loop is ...

Publishing News to Terrify!

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Publishing-NewsAs always, to gain an increased readership and more subscription based clients, marketers and publishers avail of online sharing sites namely social networking platforms like Facebook. Finding regular and new readers is easy in this digital media marketplace. But is everything about to change to the detriment of publishers?

Today we cover a publishing news story regarding a popular UK based tabloid newspaper named “The ...

Interactive Content and Commerce Merge to Give Retailers Online Sales

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Interactive-ContentNews this week in publishing land sees digital advertisers rush to time based modes of adverting. Related news also reports that content is merging with commerce in glossy eMagazines with the coming together of Mastercard and Allure Magazine to sell product features through the digital pages more directly.

Brand marketers and online retailers have one in the same agenda and are reveling in ...

A History of Publishing Technology in the United States

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Publishing-TechnologyI found the task of looking back through publishing technologies to the first introductions of digital publishing fascinating. In today’s blog, I will share some of the key dates and major breakthroughs in printing and publishing and exactly what it means to us in today’s modern society.

The first printing press was imported to Cambridge, Massachusetts from England in 1638. Since these colonial beginnings, the ...

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

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Digital-Marketing-PredictionsAs we are nearing the end of an eventful 2014 digital marketers are now preparing for the year ahead by scrutinizing the new trends that are due to emerge. They are getting ready for new platforms and technology not only for audiences to source content but also to create content with.

1. Mobile:

Mobile has had a immense effect on the digital marketing industry. I believe we’re ...

5 Valuable Strategies in App Marketing

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App-MarketingIf you have produced an app the most important stage now lies ahead of you; the marketing of the app! Never underestimate this essential juncture as this is where many have failed in the past. In today’s blog, I will discuss some core principles that are key in the marketing of your app.

1. Produce an app that has been customized to suit your corporate identity, ...

Improve your Brand Reputation Online with These Content Marketing Strategies

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Brand-Reputation-OnlineThere are many advantages to having a good brand reputation online:

1. Increased traffic to your website.

2. Organic social sharing and liking of your posts.

3. Natural commenting on your brand’s content in forums.

4. Online audiences recommending your product or services to friends via online means; for example a group discussion on Linked In or through a public share to a friends timeline on Facebook.

Factors that help brand reputation ...

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