Magazine Renaissance Via Digital Media

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Communication and content delivery has changed irrevocably in a short space of time, everything from the way we view and digest content to how we connect and communicate with each other has been transformed beyond recognition. Digital communication has ripped up the very foundations of what we once took for granted as the norm and replaced it with a multitude of methods and means with ...

3D Issue Launches Version 7 of it’s Publishing Suite!

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3D Issue 7.0 Publishing Platform

You know some days are good and some are great? Well today falls into the latter category, the day you, (and we), have all been waiting for is here! Today marks the day that version 7 of our software has gone live and is ready and waiting for you to trial and enjoy. Packed to the seams with new and exciting features, ...

Create eBook Apps Consumers will Actively Seek

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ebook app

We have in these blogs many times before, covered the meteoric rise of smartphone, tablet and eReader usage happening all around us the world over, quite literally. It would be easier to think of friends and family who don’t own one of these connected devices, such is their popularity. It therefore stands to reason that publishers should be fully exploring every available option to ...

How to Create an eBook App for iPad

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It would by no means be a wild assumption to state the ways in which we receive and digest content and data has changed irrevocably in a relatively short space of time, the World Wide Web has played a pivotal role in this change in content digestion habits worldwide, not only this, but the devices we use to view and locate this vast font ...

Aggregate Feeds to Save Money & Increase ROI

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We have all heard the adage that time is money, a quote which is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin in his publication “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One” which coincidentally was published on this very day in 1748. This quote has never been more pertinent than in today’s world, a world saturated by online information supplied through connected devices, a world ...

Yahoo a Major Player in the Digital Magazine Industry

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Digital magazine industryAdvertising is the major source of revenue with one of the internet forerunners Yahoo, but with steady declines in recent years Marissa Mayer plans to boldly redevelop the strategy. Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo since July 2012 intends to reinvent the company as a media giant with an assemblage of what it calls digital magazines on varied subjects such as travel, technology, film ...

Combat Slow Load Times to Reap Digital Publishing Benefits

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digital-publishing-benefitsIn today’s blog we hope you can benefit from these tips. Slow upload can cause a reader to bounce from your online publication, and there is no need for this to happen as there are some easy procedures you can put in place to ensure fast, smooth transition through the page and upload time of your publication.

1) Internet Connection
The upload speed of your digital ...

Digital Magazine Distribution Ideas for Retail Marketers

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Digital Magazine Distribution For retail marketers the eCatalog, eBrochure, and in recent years the Lookbook have been the methods of choice to showcase product ranges online. With ease of distribution across domains and devices the process, simply could not be matched so efficiently by any other means. PDFs of brochures could be made into digital publications so small in file size they can be emailed ...

ePublishing Advice for Current Digital Media Collaborations

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ePublishing adviceIn this blog we will share a little advice pertaining to the current area of ePublishing and the option for digital media and marketing that exist in the digital environment today.

How online publishing content is displayed is paramount to the amount of time a client will spend browsing it. By hosting, digital publications online you are putting out the invite; to come and try out, ...

Aggregate Social Feeds to Create a Personal Magazine

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Aggregate Social Feeds Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the stuff we browse online could be aggregated in one place like a Hub. Hanging out in a virtual Hub is something you can do today! This social Hub can be tailor made by you to include all the content you read online on a daily basis, no need to manually update; as the Hub automatically ...

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