PDF to eBook Formats That Can Deliver Your Content Speedily

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PDF-to-eBook-FormatsStarting off with a PDF is an exciting prospect, as with a little help from the right software you can create eBook formats for all different types of purposes. From eReaders to iPads, mobile phones and desktops you can create eBooks to reach vast audiences for varied reasons; be it publishing or marketing or just speedy sharing of content and information.

We find that marketers ...

10 Reasons to Use a Digital Publishing Suite to Boost Business

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digital-publishing-suiteA digital publishing suite comprises a software solution that can assist many a business in their online marketing. In today’s blog I will list some of the advantages the software can offer for all businesses.

Help your company grow and develop by utilizing the software for the :

1. Creation of flipbooks: these can vary in form from guidebooks, eBrochures, eCatalogs, to digital magazines. You can create as ...

Publishing an Online Magazine: HTML5 versus Flash?

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Magazine-HTML5The question asked is HTML5 verses Flash when publishing a digital magazine? The response is a harmonious one – we say “create both simultaneously”.

Whilst flash is fazing out across mobile devices; flash plug-ins are still ever-present across the worlds browsers, hence flash provides a solution for compatibility. Many of the world’s leading sites still require Flash.
The lack of support for flash on certain ...

Is Using a Social Curation Service a Good Strategic Move?

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Social-Curation-ServiceActive on networks? Then you should use a social curation service. Social curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information from your social networking sites. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators, also know as marketers, editors, or anyone actually, who has content to share. There are software solutions that can curate this for you easily, like Hubs.

All social ...

HTML5 eBook Software can Enhance Your Marketing Material

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HTML5-eBook-SoftwareCreating HTML5 eBooks capable of communicating across all devices are advised for businesses to reach maximum retail and growth potential.

Tomorrows retail world sees devices and systems with mobile consumers in mind. Companies are gearing their marketing efforts towards these areas. Mobile potential progression sees marketing strategies rushing to meet content demands. Thus content Hubs, eBooks, flip books and digital magazines are all being ...

A Report on The Importance of Mobile-First Publishing

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Mobile-First-PublishingWith the opportunity to gain vast audiences on mobile and tablet devices, it is no wonder publishers are turning to mobile-first publishing strategies.

The Association of Online Publishers is an industry organization representing the UK digital publishing sector. In today’s blog we will discuss the findings of its annual Content and Trends Census. They are recently, conducted surveys, analysis and reports and the results are ...

Valued Marketing App Ideas for your Business

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Marketing-App-IdeasWe speak to customers on a daily basis who are creating their company an app to showcase their publications and online content. Already with an archive of past issues they have created; they proceed to package all their content together in a neat little app. This proves to be a smart marketing move as we will go on to discuss in today’s blog.

Having ...

Create your Company App with 3D Issue Today

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Create-your-Company-AppThe app acts as a content Hub for your company’s content and social channels. So this means you can choose to plug in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, News Feeds, flipping books and more

The branded company app comes with:
Native Apps; 4 native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Android Smartphone
Customization: App Name, App icon, Store ...

Understanding eBook Software for Android and iOS Digital Publications

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eBook-Software-for-AndroidIn today’s blog we will help you recognize the software you may need to create the project you are digitally publishing. 3D Issue is a publishing suite, made up of Flipbook, eBook and Hubs. You can avail of the software you need only, with no need to get the whole suite.

We talk to all types of people everyday, from publishers to marketers and ...

Knowing the Correct Content Marketing Approach and Following Through on it

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Content-Marketing-ApproachThese are exciting times for content marketers. There are the “go it alone” approaches, the “call in the professionals” approaches, and honestly a mixture of both of these approaches usually works best when it comes to your content marketing. Perhaps a mix of hard work and the right software can be enough to break through.

The approach you take with your target audience should ...

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